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Currently, there are a lot of Free IQ Tests on the Internet. They have been uploaded online by websites and forums to attract views as well as increase the number of members. Therefore, network users can easily test IQ and determine their own IQ score.

However, because of the overspread appearance, the quality of these Online IQ Test is not guaranteed for accuracy. Therefore, participants should take the tests on prestigious IQ websites only.

1. Free Intelligence Quotient Test Types.

Like other Intelligence Quotient tests, Free IQ Tests are also divided into 3 main categories:

-  Tests for every territory, every nation. One of the characteristic of this type of test is appropriate questions with the customs and cultures of that particular nation, that particular territory. The questions of this group will be all over fields as knowledge, memory, language, arithmetic calculations, space...

-  Tests in the Culture Fair IQ Test group. This is a test for the whole world, with the purpose of evaluating objectively, fairly about IQ of citizens in all countries and territories. The quiz includes 2 fields of space and arithmetic.

-  Tests in the High Range Intelligence Quotient Test. This is a test dedicated only to people with high IQ score.

2. The structure of a quick IQ Test.

The conventional structure of the test is as follows:

• Includes 22-26 questions.

• Examination time : 25-30 minutes.

• Questions distribution: the questions are arranged in order from easy to difficult and have increasing difficulty.

• Suitable to test IQ with those aged 16 and older: because from the age of 16, IQ score is fixed, immutable and not affected by impact of elements from surroundings.

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